Monday, 8 October 2012

One Way To Make An Impression.

At least they won't forget me !

Our Gemeinde ( Community ) is made up of four villages. We live in one and my parents in another. Yesterday, was local elections day. The ballot was out for a new Mayor and a new Town Council, or more aptly named Village Council.

As I registered in time, I got sent a voting slip. My Mum, to help me with my first local voting, organized for me to go with them. So I got to their house in time and we meandered along to the community hall. The queue was already substantial and we made it longer. In a small place, it is nice to mingle and chat with everyone. I suppose most voting queues are the same.

As it was my first time voting here, I felt a little bit nervous. When the queue got withing the main table, I was watching the procedures like a " Hake ". Eventually my turn came, and as nonchalantly as I could, I presented my voting slip, along with a jovial greeting. So far so good, piece of cake !

Well...suddenly the official, kept flipping the pages of the register backwards and forwards. His face was a study. Of course, he turned to the official next to him, and now they both flipped through the pages. By that stage, I was getting a bit concerned. Apparently they couldn't find my name.

All of a sudden, they looked more closely at my voting slip, and with a smile, pointed out to me, that I was at the wrong voting station. Wrong village ! I am fairly certain, that I turned every shade of red. As is usual in these embarrassing ( yes, they happen often to me ) situations, I started to make fun of me and it. The Mayor, standing at the end of the official table, got wind of it, and jokingly, yet kindly, called out, " Well at least you are mobile, and can get to the other village " . Fair enough...

Being a Mayor entails making plenty of speeches, and our current Mayor is no exception. Natural orators, having honed their skills, and with it the decibel of their voices. They never whisper, nor speak quietly. His little comment was heard by most. Actually I don't mind, as I think it is funny. But unfortunately, I most likely will be known as the Ditzy Blonde from now on !

As I am always honest, I couldn't help myself, and when I got to my real voting station, I told them of my adventure. Well, that got some giggles and a few raised eyebrows. But at least I am now most I will be remembered with a smile in both villages.