Sunday, 7 October 2012

Interesting House Guests...

But who is the Guest, them or us ?

When you move into an old Farm House, interesting things happen. If it is one that seems to have been around for roughly one hundred years, it gives life an extra bit of spice.

Before we moved in, there was the mysterious hump under the floor, in one of the rooms ( It could have been buried treasure, or bones ). That kind of fortified my nerves, when it turned out okay. As our house is built on a slope, the floors are slightly, just barley though, off balance, which can result in doors closing on their own. Takes some getting used to.

We have an attic, but I prefer not to go up there, as it is dusty and possibly full of spiders and icky things. Most evenings and nights, you can hear the pitter patter of little feet scurrying around in the ceiling. Bob and I think it is Tigger, our cat. But the Marten is also rather nimble on his feet, and I am sure he is more comfortable up there in our attic !

There is a resident ( very cute ) squirrel,that lives in our walnut tree, who often scampers up, down and all over our roof. I only know, because I can hear its little claws tapping on the drainpipe. Most mornings when I sit and write, I can see it doing its morning exercise on top of our garage roof. It's fun to watch. Especially when the squirrel starts to chase and break-up the birds daily morning congregation on the roof's apex. Squirrels don't eat birds, so I think it just wants to play with them !

We have birds galore on our roof. The tweeting escalates tremendously when they all fly in for their get together...Like any other meeting, you get the screamers, the whisperers and the obliging ones.

As we have only been living in our house for eight months, I wonder who is the proverbial House Guest.... And I have got the feeling that it is Bob and I ! Let's hope they are happy with us, so far...


Please play with me..?

Have you heard the latest ?

Where is the squirrel ? Is it safe to land ?