Sunday, 14 October 2012

One Man's Back Of The Cupboard Item Is Another Man's Treasure !

Lederhosen....again !

As you know, Bob is enthralled with anything to do with Lederhosen. Every shop we go to, Murphy's law, there are Lederhosen that Bob can study in detail. Isn't it funny how, when you focus on a thing, it shows up everywhere you look. Definitely a case of " What you think you ink! "

Since we have moved here to Burgenland, we see a lot of my Uncles. Between them, they visit at least every six weeks ( they live five hours away ). The last time one of them was here, was our momentous October Fest. Between celebrating " Bavarian " style and having a blast, my uncle must have noticed how Bob and Albert love anything to do with those infamous Lederhosen.

Monday, my Uncle arrived unexpectedly for a visit. That is great in itself, but he came with a bag of gifts. He had brought his ' back of the cupboard, not used in years, stuff '. It was a pair of Lederhosen, that was over forty years old and a genuine pair. He wanted Albert to have them.

Albert took them into his hands while grinning with glee. Yet, he only hesitated a minute and turned to Bob, giving them to him. " I already have two pairs, you take them " ! Well, Bob's face was a study. If you can picture a young boy getting his most wished for toy, you know what Bob was like. When it sank in, that they were his, he almost raced inside, to try them on. That was after he did a little dance of joy, shouting at the top of his lungs...
" Yipee, I got a pair of Lederhosen ".

Of course Lederhosen are not so easy to assemble on your body ( only the first time ). The men gave handy pointers and before we knew it, we had a fashion show, with the happiest of models.

Of course, being the wife, I put in my unwanted advice, " Just remember that you can never wash them. Careful when you go for a # 1 "....only saying !

Trachten Lederhose Rindsvelour Hosenträger Dunkelbraun Oktoberfest, Herrengröße:50


Look, they fit.

Where does this go ?

In seventh Heaven...