Friday, 19 October 2012

Instantly Recognizable !

Only the foreigners would do this...

As you know, we had family come to visit from South-Africa. Winter is approaching fast and in our pre-visit phone calls, I tried to convey to them, that warm clothing were essential. Well, South-Africans are a tough breed, who think that they can easily master the European cold.

When they were here the weather was nice, yet it was extremely cold in the mornings and evenings ( I already made use of my thermal undergarments ). On the day they arrived, I realized that they were dressed more for the African cold...normal summer attire ( t-shirt and shoes without socks ) with an added jacket over it. Well that explained some of the shaking ! But never mind, I had plenty of jackets to lend them.

Like me, they love to walk. So a few mornings we set off into the cold morning. You know those mornings, when the windscreen of your car is iced over. Those mornings where one definitely needs gloves, not to mention long pants !

Well, that morning, one of our guests chose to walk in shorts. No, not the shorts you think of, but a slightly longer version of Soccer shorts. In other words a daredevil, as I don't think they kept anything warm !

Of course, when I tried to convey to him the degree of cold, he said that he did not feel cold ( yeah, obviously he had no more feeling left in his legs ). Living in a small village, everyone knows everyone and those who don't, know someone who does. Already I am known as the woman who walks so fast she almost runs !

Well, that day I picked up a new nickname for sure...The woman who walks with near naked crazies, in the freezing cold. I of course, tried to nonchalantly duck my head each time a local drove past, but that sight, was surely already imprinted on the retina...Instantly recognizable as foreigners !