Friday, 12 October 2012

Mothers Are A Blessing In Every Way...

The fine nuances of Motherhood.

We have been doing an English-Conversation group with a few of the Village kids. It is great fun and a source of extra income, while also giving the kids a chance to converse in English. Yesterday a few of the mothers in our Village organized to meet with us.

They were keen on this class, that they've been hearing about ( oh the word has spread ). That of course showed us that we are doing the class right. Bob more so than I, as he has the boys in his group riveted with old-fashioned games. You know, the things we used to play before the advent of computers !

Off we went to the meeting. I was expecting a few mothers, but as we stood in the hall, the numbers just kept growing. Wow !
The local kindergarten and school will possibly send most of their kids to us. Can you imagine. Bob and I are so chuffed at this opportunity.

So after the idea of the conversation class was conveyed to all the various mothers, with our future pupils running around and playing with all the other kids, we got down to the" nitty gritty ". Where, when and how ?

As there are quite a few kids under 5 years old, we are also having a class for them. Like any meeting, there were ideas and facts passed backwards and forwards. At first I was a bit hesitant to have the young kids, because obviously they speak no English. But then we agreed, that the little ones really are at an ideal age. They can absorb English like a sponge, even though they won't understand in the beginning.

The little one's class was agreed on. One of the Mums then said, that one of them would have to be at the class as well. At first I thought, that maybe they did not think we could handle it on our own. But before I could say anything, the Mum said, like only a mother could,
" One of needs to be there, in case any of the kids need to go to the loo " !

Well, that thought had never crossed my mind. Frankly I would not know how to handle that situation. Bless the Mums for always thinking ahead and of others.
I think that as soon as a woman becomes a mum, she automatically puts other peoples well being ahead of her own...