Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Being a Tourist...

Why is it ?

We have been blessed with so many of our friends and family visiting us here, in our Burgenland. It is top-notch, to get the chance to show off our new home. In fact we are getting rather good at it...

Yesterday, we did the drive to Burg Guessing, and walked around the village. As always it is a wonderful place to show off. We did the trek up to the castle. Normally they have a little tram, but it was out of order !

I must say, even though I walk everyday, this steep hill up to the castle nearly ' did me in ' ! Embarrassingly enough, Bob who hardly walks, cruised passed me with still enough energy left to throw me a cheeky and questioning look. How on earth did they build this big castle, brick by brick, back in the day ?

What I found so interesting though, was the fact that meeting strangers on our trek up to the castle, was such a friendly affair. We greeted and exchanged a few friendly words with all of the fellow visitors. In normal ( non-holiday ) life, most of us don't even look at people we walk passed.

Yet on holiday, we turn into beacons of friendliness. I really mean that bit about the beacon. It is almost as if we radiate friendliness and ease. Where as before, dogs and cats would have barked and hissed, now they wag their tail or do a dizzying display of a mini-racetrack around our ankle.
The proverbial " shooting the breeze " with anyone gets to be a cinch !

We should bottle that holiday feeling, and spray it on like perfume ( Eau De'Holiday ) on a daily basis. How great would our day's unfolding be. Can you imagine, smiling, chatting and possibly whistling during each and every day.