Saturday, 27 October 2012

Does This Remind You A Bit Of Your Childhood ?

Embarrassing moments while being dropped off at school...

A few days ago I was reading something extremely funny in the Huffington Post. It could almost have been a continuation of a conversation my husband and I had. Aah, synchronicity .

This article showed how parents " gated " their daughter for being cheeky, by taking over and using her Facebook account for a week. Now for us over thirties, this would mean nothing, but when you are a teen, it is the end of the world.

Now when we were teens ( no, we were the generation that came after the ' walking to school barefoot ' one ) most of us had our parents drop us off at school. Bob told me how his Dad would now and again embarrass him and his brother. My father-in-law loved his cars and being a mechanic, he had tuned up a few.

Bob ( and possibly his older brother ) being a self-conscious teenager, would plead with his father to drop him off 100 meters from the school entrance ( that could have been a busy zone as I am sure all the teens asked for that ). No such luck for Bob. In fact his Dad would rev the car alarmingly and almost made a wheel skid when he drove off. You know, the type that everyone can hear, see and smell. Bob would just put his head down and walk away, nonchalantly yet rather quickly. Oh the wily parents !

Of course, we all were in almost the same boat. My school, Carter High School, had the most awfully steep driveway. One that stretched for over a hundred meters. As it was always inundated with Mom's fetching us kids, there was usually a stop-start drive up the driveway. A driveway, that the older, cooler kids would walk up.

They were the ones that saw the infrequent ( or frequent ) stalling of the cars. Cars that suddenly and mysteriously had only one person visible, as the other passengers invariably dived or slinked down in their seat. Oh the joys of teenage-hood ! You must remember, in South Africa all cars are with gears, not automatic...

Just to let my mum of the hook, I must say, that I often caught a lift with a neighbour. But that was even more hair raising because now and again the grandmother would do the driving...I am sure you can just see it happening ! Writing this, a lot of images are flooding my mind.

Oh the good old days before Facebook or Internet ! Every generation has their embarrassing moments stories. But we all turned out fine.
Please tell me your moment, the one that made you cringe and hang your head in embarrassment.