Saturday, 13 October 2012

Have You Got A Drawer Full Of Private Undergarments ?

Underpants, that you want to keep a secret...

First off, I'll put my hand up and admit to being a culprit as well. But not what you think. The Underpants I am talking about are not part of the " lingerie " department ! Theoretically they could have once been...

The underpants, bloomers, briefs, scants or bloomers that I am talking about, are of the washed-out and of loose elastic kind. You know the one, that is most comfortable to wear. Yet surprisingly enough, also the one we all want to keep secret.

Not to be to discriminating towards the men in our lives, but I've got to say, that they seem to be more attached to their pride and joy undies. Those ladies, who do the laundry at home, can surely attest to the fact. Hanging up the offending item to dry on the line, can be a game of hide and seek ( from the neighbours eyes ). At least that is what I try and do. Of course, when Bob hangs the washing on our line, he almost delights in hanging my " valuable " undies for all and sundry to see.

An acquaintance of mine, was so upset about her husbands offending pair of undies in her almost daily wash basket, that she took out a pair of scissors and cut them into two. As you can imagine, there was a real to do, when he looked for them. Without batting an eyelid, she sanguinely told him that the hole just suddenly made them rip apart in the wash ! But of course, he being clever, had another pair step up to the plate.

I have heard an urban myth of a lady, who has a new, modern and extremely fashionable pair of men's undies ready to put on her washing line, when her friends come over to visit. She had espied an offending pair hanging in a friends yard, and knew what impression that made !

For those men out there, who wonder what we ladies talk about when we get together for a coffee afternoon or a boozy evening out, this is your answer. At some point, this conversation about old undies comes up, and comparisons are made...comparisons about the age and style of the offending undies, that is !