Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Exercise For Back Support.

Fitness Class in our Village

The simple life that we have chosen here, is really rather packed with activities. Our village looks after us ! Through the winter months they are offering fitness classes to exercise the back. Nice, isn't it.

For someone living in a seriously large city ( Vienna, New York, Jo'burg ), our new lifestyle possibly sounds daunting and for them, questionable : " What are they thinking ? ". But I have got to tell you, it is refreshing and wonderful. Yes, we don't have the shopping malls etc, but we can buy most things online, and surprisingly things and activities to do are plentiful here.

In fact, often we don't have enough hours in the day, to fit it all in. The days just speed past. How did we do it all, living in a big town ?

Last night, we started our fitness training classes again. This is my second year of attending and it was nice to see the usual crowd. How is it possible that we don't run into each other more often, seeing we live in such a small place...

Andrea, our trainer, put us through the paces, and could surely get a New Yorker to huff and puff. She always smiles when she tells us to do one more, or to keep holding the pose ( it is true, you do catch more flies with honey ) but she makes sure we finish it all. I could easily imagine her training some elite force with aplomb !

While I was following her instructions to the letter, my muscles just quivered and shook from not being used for such a long time. In my mind, I was preparing myself for that first step out of bed, when you don't know if you can manage a second. Or how you could ever exercise again !

Well, Andrea is the real deal when it comes to fitness trainers. With all the painful teeth grinding and face distorting while doing her exercises, I don't have any aching nor stiff muscles today. That is the sign of a professional Fitness Trainer... Wow !

Another fantastic thing about these weekly exercise classes is that, as it is just for women ( some stretches and poses would hurt a man's eyes ), Bob makes supper on those days.
Yes, I get home to a fully cooked supper.

The simple life is just dandy and I love and recommend it !