Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Fishing Competition In Our Village.

The Pond Is Transformed Into A Happening Place !

Most of you may imagine that our life here in such a small village is dull and boring. Well no, in fact it is just the opposite. Most weekends there are two or three events on at the same time...

That is a fabulous way to get to know people. As most events are put on by clubs to collect dosh for their kitty, it is especially nice that they see you support them.

There is a little pond just below our house and the local fishing club has a little clubhouse there. They know how to party because most weekends we can hear the laughter and voices late into the night. Last Saturday they had a fishing competition and we went en mass ( two sets of parents and us ) to show our support and imbibe in the local fare.

I had no idea how serious the fishing crowd takes their sport. My gosh, some of them had so much equipment that it required a little cart to lug it all around. There were so many of them as well. With the pond being so small, I wondered how they didn't impale themselves with the generous flicks of the fishing rod. I must have ducked about three times, thinking that that nasty little hook would catch me...

Our table had a great view of it all, and I was happy to see that after catching and weighing the fish, it was put back into the waters. Surely the fish should know by now and hide at the bottom until it is over ?

Sitting among a group of people somehow makes us talk louder. It doesn't make any sense, yet we all do it. Who hasn't heard a guffaw from another table and suddenly realized that they might hear yours. When you watch fishing competitions on T.V ( only have done that once ! ) they whisper and hardly make any noise. But our fishermen didn't seem to care or mind. They were in the zone !


The pond.

Waiting for the pull of the line.

I cant remember whether Bob was showing us his Disco moves or how he would throw his fishing line ?

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