Thursday, 20 June 2013

Harsh Lights In Changing Rooms...Enough Already !

Changing rooms might be less upsetting if we wore dark sunglasses !

After years, no actually decades of experience, I should have know better. Unless you are one of those elusive 1 % of gals ( the size zero lot ), it is never a good idea to try on a bathing costume in a stores changing room !

We were in the shopping mall yesterday and I stumbled upon a bathing costume dangling invitingly in its box from a hook. The photo on it showed a more fleshy, buxom lass and with enthusiasm, I picked up the box and headed for the changing room cubicle.

As I said, I should have known that no good would come from this venture. The suit seemed to fit, but what that glaringly awful mirror reflected, put me into the doldrums.

I know one can get " kinder " mirrors, that makes one look a bit better. The lighting also helps, but for reasons that are only known to stores, they put the brightest and most revealing lighting in there. It almost makes it a spotlight that seems to point at our less attractive parts.

You know, I was so shocked at my reflection ( those Lycra bathing costumes do tend to make us look a bit like stuffed sausages ) that I wondered for a brief moment whether it was one of those ' hidden camera ' gags. Yes, I looked up and all around to see a possible hidden camera. Even I have to admit that it would be a good skit to pull on someone.

Look, yes, our outer looks are not what is important and we are all beautiful in our own way. But even the most ' happy with herself ' person would be upset at the indignity of catching a glimpse in those awful changing room mirrors.

Shops, please do something. There is no need at all to put such bright lighting in there. In fact, put candle light or its equivalent. We would then love what we see and I can assure you, buy much much more of your wares. Which is what you want, isn't it ? Happy customers spend more...

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