Monday, 17 June 2013

Leisurely Sunday Drive To Hungary ( Part 1 )

Road trips are scenic, special and memorable.

Even I sometimes forget how close we live to Hungary. The border is about 2 km away from Eisenberg. Typical, that it takes a visit from family to make us explore our surroundings in more detail... Yesterday we decided to take a nice and leisurely drive to Sopron and have a spot of lunch there. Here is a collection of my impressions of the road trip:

Taken just outside of Sopron. This village is still in Austria, but how romantic and scenic...

Bob was the navigator and at one stage he lost his bearings. Not a problem, as my parents have embraced the world of technology and quickly whipped out an iPhone and used the compass app !

One of the enticing little side streets in Sopron. I love imagining the daily life with all its happenings that the people have experienced there through the ages.

Cobbled streets are so rare nowadays...

Bob stands in awe.

My Dad found a great place to have lunch again. A hotel with this magnificent atrium-dining room. While we were there an American, who was sitting at the next table, came over to talk to us. He told us that he had only wanted to stay a year but that had turned into 20...I don't blame him, it is nice in Sopron.

In the middle you can see the old city wall. Historical indeed.

Another beautiful square in Sopron. Bob took this one and you can see me leaning against the fence.

Tomorrow I will show you the other half of our road trip. We discovered a wonderful town in Hungary that is only about half an hour from Eisenberg...