Monday, 3 June 2013

Do You Also Love Going For "Sunday Drives" ?

Exploring your neighbourhood.

Just the anticipation alone is worth it. Waking up on a Sunday and knowing that a drive is on the cards. A drive to unknown territory or a drive to an area you love. In our part of Austria, Burgenland, we have an abundance of Fortresses and Castles. Ideal for a sedentary Sunday drive...

Well, we have family staying and of course that moves those drives up a notch. The sight seeing has got to be memorable ! Our family - and we are scattered on so many continents - all have one thing in common. We all possess a Sweet Tooth ! Ice cream is the clear winner with cakes taking second place.

Living in the rural part of Burgenland means that eating delectable ice cream is not an easy affair. A blessing in disguise ! Which ever Cafe we go to, we need to drive there. Of course the way there is unbelievably scenic and interesting, making it perfect for those Sunday drives.

What makes those Sunday drives so special ? Maybe because once you are in the car, there is nothing you need to do. Watching the passing scenery is automatic and often it's the conversation in the car that raises an ordinary drive to that special Sunday one. Family bonding and catching up on family news. No computers or tablets claiming the major share of attention.

As teenagers we moaned or dare I say dreaded some of those Sunday drives. They were the definition of " un-cool " and I am sure that I wasn't the only one hoping ( back then ) that we would take a drive to a place where nobody knew me ! Ah, the stupidity of youth...

But parents, don't despair. Bob still talks about the Sunday drives he took with his family way back then. Those times have given him the most precious memory and he often tells me of the various drives and destinations they took. It goes without saying that he and his brother had those all too familiar sibling fights in the backseat. Also a distinct and dare I say positive memory of Bob's...


A tree in the Bildein Village Square, discovered on yesterday's Sunday drive...stunning.