Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sketching A Painting On The iPad.

Are we still as romantic as the generation before us ?

My Father is infamous for his insomnia but he doesn't let this interfere with life. Even on holiday he is equipped for those wakeful moments. He is a most avid reader of newspapers and devours at least two per day the old fashioned way ( paper ) and one online.

Oh yes, he has embraced technology to its fullest. Of course Polly ( my step-mum ) and he are avid ' Apple ' Fans. In fact it is rather funny at times to see all of us sitting in front of a computing device ! Thank goodness for wireless broadband...

Observing and noticing are hobbies of mine. These last two weeks, with my Father and Polly here for a visit, have been fabulous already even from that point of view.

When we are asleep, he sits and reads the newspapers. But lest I forget to mention it, he is also an amazing artist. Yes, the proper kind. ( Here is a link to a spread the New York Times did on him ) Just for fun and a bit of practice, he paints on his iPad most nights.

These paintings are amazing. Whereas I still am not so sure how to put an app icon on the screen, my father produces stunning pieces of art on it. Back in New York, he at times makes use of the
' Apple Geniuses ' to help him co-ordinate between the various devices. When he shows them the paintings, they too are in awe.

Most mornings he is awake before Polly and we usually sit around the kitchen table, drinking coffee and catching up. Big kitchen tables are the best for keeping family traditions and conversations alive.

When Polly comes through a bit later, she likes to check her email almost before sitting down like a giddy teenager ( and now I know why...). Well, often she has a little happy smile and looks at my Father to say " Thank you ". Thank you because he has sent her one of his paintings via email.
Isn't that just the most romantic gesture ?

Bob, don't fret, I will be happy if you make me a cup of coffee in the mornings.... iPad Mini MD528LL/A or MD528E/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, Black) MD528FD/A iPad mini 20,1 cm (7,9 Zoll) Tablet-PC (Apple A5, Touchscreen, 1GHz, 503MB RAM, 16GB Flash-Speicher, WiFi, Apple iOS) schwarz

Here is one of my Father's iPad sketches !