Monday, 10 June 2013

Clouds Are Comforting, Interesting And Magical.

Clouds can spur the imagination.

As a young child I loved to lie in the grass and look up at those magical clouds. Clouds and their shapes could make your mind flit across so many ideas and thoughts. Most of the time, when you stared long enough those clouds started to take on the shapes of animals. Did anyone else also see a lion's head in a cloud ?

But I must say that more often than not I could see a resemblance to candyfloss ! Awful really, because at that age I still had to ask someone to buy one for me. Apart from that, we could only buy it at a fair, which didn't come into town often enough !

Even now, stumbling across the various shaped clouds, is very comforting. Once I look at one, it is as if the barn door to my imagination has opened. The thoughts tumble and gallop over each other. Even wild horses couldn't keep up with the lightning speed of my thoughts racing from one idea to the next...

Here are some pictures of clouds in our neck of the woods.

Can you see a shape ?

Can you see the head of a dinosaur emerging ?

Hidden treasures.

Brooding thunderclouds...

This could almost be one of those Hollywood, just our backyard.

The sunset cloud needs no further words.

Biggi Cloud Collector's Handbook Clouds: Skies of the Unexpected from the Beautiful to the Bizarre