Saturday, 15 June 2013

Follow Your Passion...Live An Authentic Life.

Are you happy in your skin ?

For some obvious or not so obvious reasons most of us are not very happy in our skins. Don't we always have a list of needs, wants and complaints running through our mind ? Well, if you don't have this phenomena, then count yourself blessed.

Bob and I drove to a neighbouring village to hold our English class. These are the youngest of the lot, one still wearing the occasional support underwear ( nappy ) ! This class was different, as we could give it at their home.

I caught a glimpse of rural authentic life at its best. Their Mum is a wonderful and perfect example of " Authentic Rural Living " . I was impressed and now am on a quest to emulate this to some extent. Their house was like a lot of others here, but her backyard is the bees knees.

She has cultivated her own vegetable garden and it is ten times the size of ours. All organic of course. Nothing flashy, just normal. Her two little kids were running around the garden with their toys. Toys that that most privileged city kids would give their eye's teeth for...each had a kitten and they " shared " a duck that meandered about with the inevitable ' quack quack '. A huge swing and sandpit completed this youthful idyll.

In fact, the little girl ( about 3 ) took me around her domain and revealed her treasures to me. At one point she took me to a cage where a breeding duck lay eh...brooding . Picture this: She is a youthful three and told me in no uncertain terms that this animal was not to be touched. It was almost a verbatim rendition of parental advice. She did the same with her Mum's garden. She told me where and where not to walk....too precious.

While we were walking around and identifying the garden and its inhabitants in English, their Mum was doing her gardening. You could just feel the waves of authenticity circling about. She was happy with and in her life.

Right then and there, I had an insight / glimpse of what it is all about. We are so busy trying to cram everything into our lives, stressing in case we can't get it all, that we in fact miss the big picture. We somehow have forgotten what it is all about... Being happy and authentic.

Guess what, it is perfectly okay to be happy with the little things. We don't need to see and have everything. We don't need to prove to our friends and family how much we have and can afford. No, we need to slow down and live our life as authentically as we can and want.