Friday, 21 June 2013

Beat The Summer Heat With Homemade Ice Lollies !

Simple, easy and very delicious.

The other day we were out shopping when Bob called me over to have a look at something. He was standing in front of the kitchen utensils and was grinning like a young buck. " Look, we had those all the time when we were young."...

Ice lolly makers. Oh yes, we bought a pack of them. They are so cheap after all. The current heat wave ( every day the temperatures hover around 34 degrees celcius ) made the decision even easier. We were like little children with our purchase and couldn't wait to get home.

Along the way we stopped to get some filling for the lollies. The choices are endless of course. Somehow I seem to remember having cola lollies, but no, not this time. We agreed to do the healthy option. Pure fruit juices.

It was such fun, filling these lollies. Bob and I each filled a couple. As I put the first lot into the freezer compartment, I espied a lonely flavoured yoghurt languishing in the back of the fridge. Leftovers from my parents. It was peach flavour and fat free. Better than nothing, yet double cream yoghurt would have been a killer choice !

When you know you have to wait for it to set and freeze, it takes forever. But eventually we each had our first lolly. Oh my goodness it was just as we both remembered it, and of course delicious. Why had we never thought of this before ? Cheap and easy to make. Let me tell you, that we gorged ourselves on these lollies.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks: Waiting to have the next lot frozen, and sometimes your gums and teeth get extremely cold and the dreaded ' brain freeze ' if you eat them to quickly....