Friday, 28 June 2013

Buying 2nd Hand Clothing: Good On So Many Levels.

Changing your mindset.

Here are some benefits of buying and wearing 2nd hand clothes:

  • The quality of fabric is good. Remember it has been washed numerous times by the previous owner. If the quality was inferior, it would have been thrown away. None of those flimsy fabrics, that wear out so quickly.
  • What do they put into fabrics so that they are softer / prettier / brighter ? Wearing new clothes or shoes makes you wonder sometimes.... 2nd hand clothes of course have been washed so often, that it seems a better choice.
  • It is a way to donate to charities.
  • It also helps save our environment. Any piece of clothing produced, uses a lot of resources in the process.
  • You hardly ever walk down the street and come across someone wearing the same. Let's be honest if you buy new clothes at the chain stores, you often end up at parties and see a copy of it on someone else !!!
  • Finally and most importantly, they cost so little.

P/S: I would love to know how you feel about 2nd hand clothes...