Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Summer Holidays, Road Trips & " Are We There Yet " !

Making use of the school summer holidays.

It's almost as if the birds are tweeting it from the rooftops and tree branches. Oh yes, the children can forget about school for a while. The happiness factor in the air seems to have moved up a notch.

Who remembers :

  • That last week in school. Nothing gets done, the teachers are tired and secretly counting down the hours.
  • You asked all your friends where they are off to for their holiday, of course bragging all the while about where your family were going...
  • Homework those last few days was almost non-existent, or you categorically refused to do any !
  • That last day at school ( and luckily it was a half day as well ) went by in a blur and before you knew it, you were skipping home with not a care in the world. Except that pesky little report card that needed to often be smuggled in.
  • Driving somewhere on holiday. Wasn't it the best when your parents decided to set off in the middle of the night. An adventure in itself. That sleep was often interrupted with bouts of waking and checking the time. In case they left without you ?
  • Once you were on the highway to Italy / Spain / Cape Town it became obvious that all the Dads had the same idea. The roads were packed. Leaving in the morning would have meant a clear road.
  • What was a long car trip without having a tiff or twenty with your siblings in the backseat ? Some were fortunate that their parents drove a big car, because when Dad would fling an arm towards the back to make you stop, it couldn't reach you. Of course others were reached and ears were pulled ( or so I've heard )...
  • Bob and his brother were the stars of that show, and he told me that once his Dad actually pulled over and stopped the car in order to sort them out ! Two angels in the backseat.
  • Tell me, how often did you ask... " Are we there yet ? ".

By the way, do siblings still fight, now that most cars have turned into movie-house central ? Well, those backseat fights are the stuff of legend and ask any siblings if they remember. Oh yes, they do. Those fights are the glue of sibling-ship....!