Friday, 7 June 2013

The Older Generation And Technology.

Who would have believed it !

The other day my parents ( the American ones ), Bob and I went for a drive. A drive to explore and of course to sample the Burgenland food. One of the great ways to spend a day whilst on holiday. No pressure and just playing it by ear.

Whilst we were sitting at a Restaurant and waiting for our food we were chatting and exchanging family news. All of a sudden, to underline a story with a picture, both my parents whipped out their iPhones. With ease and dare I say expertise, they navigated around on this little instrument, which they would have called " Captain Kirk's Walkie - Talkie " when they were young.

My gosh, they flipped through the various screens and pictures like a pair of seasoned teenagers. In fact, they don't carry actual photos with them. No, they are not the crowd that owns those old fashioned wallets with the drop down picture show.

You know, it is amazing to watch my Father navigate around his " Apple Orchard ". He draws stunning pictures on his iPad, knows the language of it and is extremely up-to-date with it. He emails things from his iPad with the speed of a techie.

We were at my parents ( the Burgenland ones ) for an alfresco lunch. My uncles were visiting for the day. In summer the social life moves up a notch or two. The lunch was a typical family one. You know one of those lunches with laughter, reminiscing and great food .

There again, one of my uncles ( to be polite, all I'll say is that they all have grey hair now and you can sort of guess their age ) surprised me. He cycles as a hobby. That is fine and normal at his age, but he has embraced the E-bike revolution and can tell you stats and figures that I don't even know. He's worked out when and where to pedal and when and where to let the E-bike do the work.

Some in my parents generation embrace the Internet and modern technology. Once they start along this exciting and at times hazardous One-Way road, they do so in style. They are the ones who buy top of the line and the ones who make sure they know how to use it. They read newspapers and magazines online, email, do their banking and Skype with almost more fervour than we do.

All I can say is: Wow, I am impressed.

Biggi iPad with Retina Display MD514LL/A (32GB, Wi-Fi, White) NEWEST VERSION MD528FD/A iPad mini 20,1 cm (7,9 Zoll) Tablet-PC (Apple A5, Touchscreen, 1GHz, 503MB RAM, 16GB Flash-Speicher, WiFi, Apple iOS) schwarz