Thursday, 27 June 2013

Designated Driver: My Top 10 Tips & Observations !

Designated drivers : What would you do without us ?

  1. Once the word gets out that you don't drink, the bookings pour in.
  2. When you arrive, it makes sense to park the car in a favourable position for the drive home. It needs to be in a spot, one that eases the laborious process of getting your charges in without any mishap. You know, you need to prevent a stumble here or trip there...
  3. When you have a lot of experience in being a designated driver you can gauge what type of party / supper it will be and more or less the length of it.
  4. Mentally you are the one who needs to keep track of all items consumed. Someone needs to have a clear head to supervise the bill.
  5. Every designated driver needs to wear a ' Tungsten ' coated shirt. At some point in the evening, the comments start heading your way.." Why don't you have a drink " or " people who don't drink are so boring " or " No, its too early to leave and why are you spoiling our fun ? "...
  6. Always agree, because arguing a point is not a good idea....
  7. You need to be firm and when you think it's time to call it a night and hope to get all your charges out.
  8. The ' herding ' of your charges has some dangers: you can easily lose a charge to another occupied table along the way out.
  9. Always drive home with at least two windows open...the air can be intoxicating !
  10. But best of all, being a designated driver is great, because you keep your loved ones safe and sound.

As an added bonus, when everyone else is heading for the medicine cabinet the next morning, you are as fresh as a daisy....