Saturday, 8 June 2013

My Husband Rips Out A Tree, What A Capital Feller !

Gardening is a workout of note.

Aren't we wives all the same ? We get a bee in our bonnet and nothing will dissuade us. At least that is the case for me. Of course, in our household we are a little bit challenged by the fact that both of us are known procrastinators. Oh yes !

Sheer necessity has taught me to be a bit less of a procrastinator than Bob is and I know just how to get around his usual reply of: " Let's do this some other time. It's too early/late/hot/cold/wet...". When you used to do it yourself, you know just how to get a result...

All that is required, is to start whatever project I had in mind. Within minutes Bob is by my side, helping and doing whatever needs to be done. ( In fact, when the task is finished, he is chuffed and glad its done. ) Yesterday afternoon was a classic example. The area behind one of the outbuildings ( not THE Outbuilding ) resembled a jungle and dumping ground of note.

When you do gardening, it's very therapeutic to even put on your gumboots. As our little jungle had a lot of stinging nettles I chose to wear a jacket as well, but Bob didn't think he would need one. His whelps of pain fell on deaf ears. " You should have worn a jacket ! " Men, what can one do ?

Once we'd started, it didn't take that long. For some reason it always looks harder than it really is. Working our way up the jungle, Bob with the big shears and I with the wheelbarrow, we came to an overgrown shrub that could now be called a tree. It had to go. At first Bob used the hand-saw. Its little teeth were rather blunt so you can imagine the language that floated about.

Coming back from a wheelbarrow run ( a short trip around the corner of the building to the trailer ), I couldn't believe my eyes. Surely not ? There was Bob, standing with the whole tree in his hands. The roots still dangling off of it. My Golly, he had literally ripped it out ! Bob or rather Hercules was standing there grinning from ear to ear.

He can now tick off this item from his to-do list; Rip out a tree....check ! Gardening, who knew it was so much fun.

P/S: Bob would be the first to tell you that it was a combination of his strength and the fact that the tree was dry and almost dead. But Bob is still my hero. Ah, what a capital feller !


Carrying his trophy ! You can see that Bob is pleased as punch.

The side of the outbuilding, which we eloquently call our " Summer Kitchen "

Great work-out.

Wheelbarrow ready for action.