Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Public Tables And Boogers !

An activity that repeats itself every generation ?

Yesterday, the scales of oblivion fell from my eyes. At first I didn't catch on, but after looking again, I realized that one of the children was disposing a booger and I must say she did it in a rather elegant manner. Not in the tissue that I had put there ( silly me ) but under the table and not so discrete either !

When you don't have children of your own, you tend to walk through life somewhat oblivious to the tricks and doings of these bundles of joy ! Well, not anymore.

Looking back, I now understand why a few mothers had impish smiles on their faces at the oddest of moments. Of course they never bothered to warn me. Could that have been a slight revenge for the fact that I can sleep / eat / or shower whenever I want ? Of course, mothers are known to turn a blind eye to a few deeds caused by their offspring.

My " Don't do that " was met with an innocent bashing of eyelids and an angelic smile. A smile that told me volumes. In a flash my mind ran through all those times that I had lifted the table or moved it. Oh dear, indeed.

Tissues are another matter. The children do ask me for one occasionally, but I have noticed that once they are done with it, they want to return it to me and I get the feeling that they would like me to have a good look as well. It takes a lot of self control to not shiver and go 'yuk'. Have you ever watched a young child blow their nose ? Not always a pretty sight !

But coming back to those public tables. I have a sneaking suspicion that this phenomena is more widespread than I thought. Aren't we all notorious for being young at heart ? Well, at least the odd chewing gum is not so lonely anymore !

Ironic that I had to be reminded this way. Yes, reminded is the right word because, oh yes, I did it too as a wee child. Everyone did it and it would have looked odd if I didn't follow suit ! At that age, we all wanted to be belong to the notorious, yet, oh so glamorous " Booger Gang "... At least that was my excuse, what was yours ?