Friday, 14 June 2013

Our Road Trip To Graz.

A nice way to discover new places.

Graz was on the menu yesterday. That is yet another bonus of having family to stay. They are always keen to see the area we live in. Actually in the case of my parents, they have seen more than we have and could show us a scenic spot or two.

Driving in the enviable backseat, I was again amazed at the beauty of our country. You know, when you are installed in the backseat ( usually reserved for children ), there is no need to pay attention to directions. In fact, you can keep out of those pesky discussions about directions...

Any road trip would be remiss without a nice place to have lunch. My Dad is a genius at finding hidden treasures of the culinary sort. Yesterday he revealed a few of his secrets....always look for the streets close to the village church and of course look for how many cars are parked outside. Simple really, yet we do get it wrong !

The restaurant- GuentherS Hof- he found for us was in one word, superb ! The ambiance, food and location was great. While leisurely reading their menu, I discovered that they also are a member of the " Slow Food " club. Can you believe it, they have listed most of their ingredients and where they were sourced. Oh yes, a foodies paradise.

Driver and co-driver navigating and driving us around. I love this picture. It shows what a road trip is all about. Family and scenery.

Taking a picture while being driven around at great speed is not so easy. But I just love the gentle hills of our part of Austria.

Green colours as far as the eyes can see !

Can you see how close the Restaurant is to the village church ?

Delicious is all I can say !