Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Road Trip To Hungary ( Part 2 ).

Taking the road less traveled to Köszeg.

We are all in such a rush to get to wherever we think we should go. Highways and fast cars seem to do the trick. But when you go off the beaten track and take an old fashioned country road, treasures reveal themselves !

It's almost like a reward for taking this path. Even the drive is good for the soul. Curves and bends in the road, wonderful verges and often little villages that it takes you through. The cherry on the top is the fact that you drive at a more leisurely speed and thus you get to see the countryside in real time instead of at warp-speed !

On the way home from Sopron, we came through this great, interesting and extremely fetching town called Köszeg. Talk about a jewel. Character wherever you look. Remenants of an interesting past intermingled with the modern necessity of Ice-Cream shops.

Here are just a few impressions, but we will go back for sure:

One couldn't paint this any better...a little square in Köszeg.

The main square. We went on a Sunday and it was rather quiet.

There are so many ice cream shops...one after the other !

Churches are always in a great setting and are almost magnetic in their drawing power.

This picture is a bit skew, but I wanted you to see that on the outside most houses have these enormous doors, but when they are open, they reveal a lush garden area.

I love these courtyards.

This town is worth seeing. ( link to Part 1 )