Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Calcium Tablets Seem To Put Me To Sleep !

Could the cure for my insomnia be that simple ?

Now that I live so much closer to most of my family, I get to see them more often. South Africa was either too far away or too expensive for them to visit. Our home is only two hours drive from Vienna and that makes it a breeze for family and friends to see us. Love it !

When family comes to visit it's so nice to get to see them. I have to be honest and admit that it is also exciting to see the the gifts they bring. All of a sudden, ordinary luggage turns into a treasure chest of gifts. Bob always rushes out to help carry the luggage. Maybe he wants to see how heavy the treasure chest really is...

Well, my parents ( I am fortunate to have three sets. Now there is a riddle early in the morning.) flew in from New York and you can imagine that the treasure chest is eclectic and groovy.

I did ask my step-mum to bring me calcium tablets. She is fantastic and without batting an eyelid she walked all over New York to find a good supplement for me. She really is the best.

All the joy and excitement of having visitors does at times throw your routine out of kilter ( in a good way of course ). Knowing my sleep pattern, I was already picturing a short time of walking around in a zombie state. A tad bit pessimistic...

From the first night, I started to take two of the calcium tablets just before going to bed. It was a case of trying out the new gifts and also a long forgotten fact in my mind. Somehow, when I take calcium before bedtime, I tend to sleep through. Maybe it's a coincidence but it certainly works.

As any insomniac knows, the trick to combating this sleepless phase is to be prepared for it. Books are a must and TV a bonus. So when I get into bed, my side of it is surrounded by various books and a working light.

Lo and behold, I have been going to bed at nine'ish and before I know it, I hear the rooster crowing and the birds giving their chorus as approval. Oh yes, I have slept through the last three nights in a row ! Unheard of, but fantastic.

What is even nicer, is to know that my parents have slept better as well. But for them it is the lack of background noise. As I told them, only on Friday nights does the pace of traffic pick up outside our house. Maybe three cars drive passed instead of one. Rather a change from the " City that never sleeps "....


P/S: Please check with your doctor or health provider, before taking any supplements.

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