Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Tasty Treats... No Turning Back !

Who rules the roost in your domain ?

We love to all point at the other person, don't we ? But all of us have ways and means of getting our way. Oh yes, you too ! There are more ways than one to get our partners to dance to our tune.

Well, all I can say with Bob and I is that we have both been outsmarted by our little ( well she is getting a bit hefty ) feral cat. In her quiet and non-combative way, she has made us slaves to her wants and needs. She could teach us a thing or two !

When we first moved into her surroundings, we never even thought of feeding her. Shouldn't cats catch mice and other creepy crawlies ? After a few months, she made sure that we would catch a glimpse of her when she deemed it appropriate to dine. How she did it I don't know, but for some reason she managed to portray that she was hungry. Even then she looked well fed.

Bob has more of a soft touch than I, and he put his foot down and bought cat nibbles. The cheap kind that don't even smell like meat. So, we started to put these pellets and milk ( full fat ) out every evening. When we forgot, she made sure to parade herself conveniently outside our lounge window. Both of us are a little bit forgetful at times, so just as well Tigger did this.

Now, Tigger has a way of hinting which flavour pellets she prefers to dine on. Hinting might be not quite the right word, as she outright refuses to eat said pellets. Oh yes, she has a mind of her own. My comment of " leave it, she'll soon get hungry " fell on deaf ears. No, Bob pampers her and only buys the flavour she likes. Our princess !

Last month he put the bar a notch higher. He started to buy those ready made cat meals. Those that have jelly and pieces of duck / rabbit / beef / chicken / fish or turkey ! First class all the way. We almost had a mini-domestic in the shop, because I argued that once you start her on this, there is no way she will ever touch a pellet again ! Bob put his foot down...again !

Tigger I must say, does give us an extra performance for these delectable treats. She now does her pre-dinner routine in full view of us. Remember, she is a feral cat and we have never had a chance to stroke her or get within a distance of two feet from her. Yesterday, she again reminded us of who rules the roost in our household.

We have two sorts of milk in the fridge: full fat and low fat ( Bob's ). Milk cartons often look alike, and in his haste to feed Tigger, he grabbed the wrong carton. He gave her a dish of low fat milk. Milk is milk you'd think....No, our princess didn't touched a drop of it. She would rather go thirsty than lap up the low fat milk.

Bob, since you've spoilt her, you now have to deal with this...


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