Sunday, 2 June 2013

How Do You Spend A Rainy Day ?

Isn't it a wonderful chance to laze about without feeling guilty ?

Rain often makes me think of Gene Kelly dancing and singing while holding an umbrella in " Singin' in the rain ". Rain is a good thing. As much as people moan about it, I tend to like it.

When you close your eyes and imagine the sound of rain, what do you hear ? For me it is that lovely sound the raindrops make as they hit the various materials. Oh yes, it sounds different on every surface.

Tin roofs are the best. Each individual drop makes itself heard. Falling asleep to this sound is wonderful and better than a lullaby. Of course the next best feeling is when you are out camping. What I call extreme camping. Not with a caravan but the type where you pitch your own tent. With us it's usually Bob who pitches it and I am the one giving unwanted ( yet vital ! ) little pointers from a safe distance.

To be honest, it's only romantic and soothing to experience those raindrops caressing the tent if the material is waterproofed. Once or twice I can recall waking up in the early morning and feeling water drops on my face. Not very nice, and far from romantic !

Talking about a tent that defies its waterproof claim: Can you remember trying to wrangle your way out of a leaking tent. It's usually one of those two man tents with its distinctive triangular shape. Great to sleep in but a pain to get in our out of.

The best way is one of those rather un-elegant backwards shuffles. Trying to avoid stepping on your partner or the various strewn about paraphernalia while keeping a weary eye on the wet tent, is challenging indeed. It tends to be a choice of stepping on your partner or touching a wet side panel. I don't know about you, but I prefer a quick shout of outrage over a wet bottom !

Waking up on a Sunday morning to the sound of rain is just dandy. When it rains you know that you'll stay at home, giving you a chance to catch up on stuff. Reading books, watching a movie or to decadently lounge in your bed all morning with a hefty Sunday paper next to you.

Have you also noticed that food tastes better when it rains ? Or is it a case of being more hungry ? Regardless, this is the best time to raid your secret stash of goodies. Who doesn't have a stash of chocolate, chips and biscuits somewhere...that you're saving for a rainy day ?