Tuesday, 23 July 2013

1 Royal Baby Has " Aged " Millions Of People A Generation !

Admit it, you feel older.

The mind plays curious tricks on us. Even now I can still remember vividly when we watched the other Royal Wedding. You know, the original one: Diana & Charles. Even if for no other reason, than that our Headmistress allowed the entire school to watch the wedding.

There were no flat screens, gosh, we barely had colour. But I am willing to bet that a lot of you will remember when & where you watched this wedding ( or the next big one ). Back then, could you have imagined seeing Diana & Charles's offspring have offspring ? Of course not, even thinking of the school year ending, took a lot of mental gyrations.

Well, seeing William grow up before our eyes was an aside. One that you couldn't help noticing if you read or watched TV. It seems strange to say it, but seeing the Royals in their various poses & guises in the media, made them seem familiar.

On the one hand, I have noticed that William has grown up. Yet, on the other hand this does imply that I too have grown up ( older ).

As pleased as I am for them and their new baby, it has made me a generation older and am now one of those. You know, those people who are old enough to know a second generation.
Baby of a " baby " so to speak !

But, many many congratulations to Prince William & Princess Catherine. This is just wonderful !


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