Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Queen Victoria The 2nd ?

Whatever the name, it is exciting to have a new royal baby.

In the span of the last 10 years, naming children has sort of gone out of control ! Thank goodness for a rather strict protocol in the British Royal Family.

Some of the names parents give to their bundles of joy, certainly push the boundaries of humour. Do they ever consider how their offspring will be teased throughout life ?

Princess Catherine is a modern woman and always a trendsetter. All well and good, but what about the all important name for her child...Can you even picture a Prince or Princess named after a fruit, flower or colour ?

You know how you can tell in what decade a bathroom was decorated ? Everyone will spot one done in the 70's ( green and or pink tiles ). Well, names of children can also be recognized in that way. Aren't you nodding your head right now, thinking of all those strange and peculiar names you have heard in the last few years ? Apple, Peaches, Moonbeam, Sunshine, Lavender...

In fact, it must be a refreshing surprise for any teacher to have a child with a solid, even rather old fashioned, name ! Victoria, Emily, Margaret, Richard, George... Those are the strong names that will stand out among the crowd of modern names.

I think that Princess Catherine will start the trend of going back to normal, solid and slightly old-fashioned names for children. Personally, I think the baby will be named Victoria, if not this time around, then the next one !

That is what you might call a " breath of fresh heir "...