Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A Breath Of Fresh Heir: Family Life.

Family life is " cool " again !

Everyone is off all over the place trying to make their mark in & on life. It all sounds incredibly exotic and in a way exciting. But all that comes with a price.

The price: A family life, plain and simple. The merits of having a family life seem to have been put behind the merits of having a wonderful career and all the trimmings of wealth. Yet, if you don't have a family life, it can get lonely when you come home at the end of a working day.

It sounds so cliche, but children are our future and should be cherished. Not cherished in the modern sense ( buying them every gadget imaginable ), but in the old-fashioned way.. spending time with them and just being there.

Seeing the Royal Couple and their wee bundle of joy coming out of the hospital, was one of those moments. A moment where a lot of viewers were reminded of how nice it is to have a family.
Oh yes, I know that the Royal Couple are privileged, but you can see how genuine they are as a family.

In our turbulent times, times where we see war, suffering and hurt on a daily basis, it is nice to be reminded of how special having a family is. In fact, that family is the most important thing we can have !

A lot of young girls will have new dreams about their future. Or rather dreams we used to have and that went out of fashion. Apart from wanting to marry a Prince ( didn't we all ? ), they will want to have a family. Having a family will outrank having a career !