Saturday, 27 July 2013

Living Together: Do Men & Women Share The Cleaning Equally ?

Or do women just have a keener eye ?

It all sounds so romantic and lovely when you get married. But, has anyone prepared you for the role change that may happen ?

Who hasn't turned into their mother and chastised their husband over the silliest things ?

  • A dropped ( and might I add, stinky ) sock on the lounge floor. By the way, where is its partner in crime ?
  • A dirty plate languishing merrily on the floor / window sill / computer case...
  • Wet bathroom towels dropped on the floor, or the opposite might make you rush out and buy " His & Her " towels : Eh, have you ever watched some guys, and how they put their towel on the floor first, stamp on it to dry their feet, then continue to dry their bodies and then arrange the towel neatly on the rail. Ready for you to use!!!
  • Dirty clothing dropped next to, near ( bedroom floor ), or on the edge for all & sundry to look at, but hardly ever in the laundry basket !

But now to the real juicy bits. Tell me, do you ( should you ? ) share the cleaning equally in your relationship ? I am talking about things like the floor, toilet, windows, cupboards, laundry, dishes and lots more.

When you ask most men, they don't see the point of a reasonable clean house and almost in a challenging way tend to say: " Really, Sweetheart / Dear / Stinky / Schatzi, if you insist on having such a clean house, be my guest. But I am happy with the way it is now. "

Good lord, men are brilliant. With one foul swoop, they get out of the cleaning and we've snookered ourselves into doing it.

Maybe having an ' eagle ' eye for cleanliness is not such a good thing after all. When you don't have professional or spousal help, the work load an average house produces can be staggering. In fact, how many women are doing a weekly clean as we speak ?

More importantly, how many men are watching sports right now in their weekend mode? Elastic pants, remote at the finger tips, beer nearby and ears blocked for any sound the wife makes...


P/S 1: Bob helps a lot with the cleaning. If it's 50 %, em, I am not so sure.
P/S 2: Should I have misjudged men, and it turns out that they are doing their fair share, then please accept my apology...