Monday, 15 July 2013

The Émigrés: 2 Years In Burgenland, Austria. ( 2 )

Different seasons.

Moving to another country and setting up a home, has so many facets that it is only natural for time to fly by. You are kept so busy finding your feet and sorting out your nest...Here are some more impressions of our life. It is impossible to list all, but I just wanted you to have an idea.
( Here is a link to part 1 )

The look of a man who has achieved things...plaster on the bedroom walls.

The bedroom done !

It looks worse than it is. By that stage, we had taken off all the old plaster from the walls. Let me tell you, that is not a nice job to do !

Walls etc. done. The angle is slightly different, but you also get a view from one room to the next.
Most of our furniture is second hand, but I love it because it has character and is good for the environment.

We have been fortunate to be able to help with the wine making process. Our village is right in the middle of vineyards. A paradise for wine lovers.

Our neighbour often gives us some of his homegrown produce. That is the beauty of living in the countryside.

We have stacked wood for the winter season.

Before you know it, snow is on your doorstep. Winter can be such a scenic and romantic season...

Bob's become a master at navigating our garden when we get snowed in. At times even leaving the house is impossible. In the winter you need to make sure your larder is full. No popping over to Woolies.

The vineyards bathed in snow. Isn't it romantic ?

Tomorrow will be the last part of a collection of snapshots, from our two years in Burgenland.