Thursday, 25 July 2013

No Kids But A Cat: NoKiBAC

Move over, DINKIs'

There should be legions of us. Either by choice or nature ! Now and again, after a tremendous bout of screaming and misbehaving, some parents might have envied us NoKiBACs...

But don't worry, we have our own parental issues:

  • First and foremost, we have to adhere to meal times. Okay, should ( yes we have ) we forget, at least we know that the little darling can go and catch a mouse. Failing that, more than likely due to laziness, said darling can do a cartwheel or two outside the neighbours window...
  • Potty training: We are fortunate and clever indeed, because we have a feral / wild cat. She trained herself. The only complaint this parent has, is that at times the ' loo ' is a bit to close to the house.
  • Our darling doesn't say much or ' smart mouth ' us. We get the odd midnight screeching match outside our window. Don't ask me WHY ! Bob says it has something to do with the neighbourhood Tomcat.
  • Just like any parent can't stop talking or bragging about their bundle of joy, we also love to talk about our cat, Tigger. We do stop short at carrying a picture of her in our wallet. Oh dear, I have inadvertently given Bob an idea...But please Bob, don't show it around at the pub !
  • Our darling is clever and keeps us entertained for hours. Even when we are not there. Often I catch myself talking to Bob about her and what she'll do. In my defense, his eyes light up and he adds his comments too.
  • The issue of spoiling the child : We fell into that trap. Partly because Bob has a kind heart, partly because Tigger was prancing & parading prettily in front of him, Bob bought an upgrade to her food. A ready made meal with sauce and all the trimmings...As any parent knows, once you do that, its downhill from there.
  • Our darling has a sensitive pallet. We can use her to test if the milk is off or god forbid, Low Fat..She won't touch either ! Spoilt brat. Add to this list ordinary pellet cat food, and you can imagine the life of Riley, our Tigger leads.
  • She assumes that we might forget her needs, ie. food, and makes sure that when it is meal time, she sits outside her lair. Somehow she makes herself look waif like and hungered out. All pretense, as she is rather hefty...but then, only I'm allowed to say that !


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