Friday, 19 July 2013

Do You Also Read Your Novels Twice ?

It is like visiting an old friend.

Books and there anything nicer ? Novels have a portal of sorts. Usually after a few pages that portal appears, opens up and pulls you in.

It becomes a case of never wanting to put it down. Days are scoured for spare time and spouses are forgotten. Or at times you transform your spouse into a copy of the hero you are reading about.

Mentally I have seen Bob in many guises :

  • Swashbuckling Bob
  • Pious Bob
  • Karate Bob
  • Historical Bob
  • and my personal favourite...Spy / Cop Bob.

Both of us love to read. So you can imagine the mental role playing that happens in our house ! One of the genres he likes is Fantasy / Sci Fi. Oh dear, I can picture myself from his point of view - pointed ears, longer nose and mind reading capabilities.

Just about the only things we sent over when we moved here, was our collection of books. Treasures rather. Yesterday, I pulled a Quintin Jardine ( Quintin Jardine ) book from the shelve and wow, the portal opened on page 2.

By the way, where do you read your novels ? Sitting in a comfortable chair, supine on a couch or in your bed ?