Monday, 29 July 2013

A Walk On The Wine Side.

Nature is one of the best elixirs

Most areas that grow wine are scenic and idyllic by nature. Gentle hills and a kaleidoscope of colour. By now, I have walked in the vineyards in every season. They are all beautiful in their individual ways. Even the starkness of winter has its own appeal.

A usual walk has so many interruptions to my thoughts. Walking that first bit through the forest, it is normal to hear leaves rustling. By now I've stopped jumping in fright each time. No, there aren't any baddies in there. Perhaps the only baddie might be a wild pig. A boar.

Little field mice can make a lot of noise zig - zagging through the leaves. Yet now and again, the crescendo of the rustling picks up and a deer jumps out. Often followed by a lusty buck. When it's their " season !!! ", you hear a lot of what sounds like dogs barking.

Most of my walk is alongside the vines. Rows and rows of them. Now and again I see rabbits, or rather hares, munching something. Could they have a head start on the wine ? When they see / hear / or smell me, they at first turn into statutes and when I am almost past them, they run and hop away at an unbelievable speed. Pot luck for dinner...hardly as I am not that fast !

At the moment, the school children are on their long summer vacation. Walking past one of their homes ( next to the vineyards ), I saw three tents pitched in their garden. Oh how wonderful. A sleep / tent over. What a fabulous childhood. Can you imagine how fun that must be. Telling scary stories, roasting marshmallows on the campfire and sleeping in a sleeping bag. The ultimate adventure for kids.

At the moment the vines are luscious and deep green, with the grapes still a bit green. The contrast of the azure blue sky and the odd creamy field of wheat, makes this place a paradise.


The buck that got away !
An idyllic & authentic Kellerstöckl for rent in the vineyards.