Sunday, 28 July 2013

A Stork & A Spider, All In One Day !

Here in Burgenland we've got it all...

A lot of you will stifle a yawn when thinking about living in such a small village, as we do. At least we are not a Hamlet. But let me tell you, there is never a dull day and surprises are plentiful.
Oh, and it is just the best !

Yesterday evening I was typing merrily on the computer when I saw a big bird land on the neighbours roof. Not the " Big Bird ", but one certainly big enough...a Stork.

Isn't he beautiful ? I wonder if we might get a nest next door...a future tourist attraction....Did you know that Burgenland is known for its stork population and there are even live web-cams ( stork cams ) 24 hours a day.
Here is a link to the ones from Rust

He was quite happy for me to take photos. In fact, it almost seemed like he was posing for me.

I wonder if the weather vane had attracted him ? It does look like he is having a chat." Why won't you talk to me ? "

As for the spider: I woke up this morning and felt a string of a spider web right across my face ! Yuk & uugh combined. This was the fasted I have ever jumped out of bed. Jumping and shaking myself off at the same time. All those horrible " spider-stories " surfaced from the back of my mind. Let's hope they are just an urban myth...