Wednesday, 31 July 2013

One Of The Most Annoying Sounds There Is !

It goes to show, that small things pack a punch !

These words will tell you: Buzzing, around your ears, summer ! Oh yes, the dreaded Mosquito / Gelse / Knat / Muecke.

Those lousy buggers choose the right season to make their appearance. Summer, a time where you have to open the window. I mean, it's not natural to keep all of them closed. It gets too stifling. Yet, when you open the window those pesky little so-and-so's take off the windowsill and start their attacks.

These Mozzies must be lingering in glee outside our windows. How else would they come in so fast, the minute you open it. You feel them first. The air gets stirred up, then the sound arrives...bzzzzzz...! Followed by wild flaying of arms, in that stupid and rather useless attempt to catch them.

Bob gets so annoyed, he usually has a fly swatter next to him. Needless worry for the little buzzers, as he never catches them. Now and again he has a " Karate Kid " moment. You know, he'll catch one in mid-air. Gosh, you'd think he'd won the lotto.

He gets so into his mosquito-slaying character, that when we go to bed, the action continues !
I love reading, and readers need to read before they fall asleep. Light on, window open, equals buzzing ! Lo and behold, he berated me the other night, because as a mosquito flew past my face ( on the way to his ), I did not try to catch it. Jeez-Louise, I was reading my novel and had tuned out of reality...

On Monday we braved the heat and drove to town. The odd shopping & of course a mosquito repellent. Bob found a new device. A bracelet professing to work miracles. Well, he bought one just to test.( Don't want to waste money on two, if they don't work.) What do you know, this bracelet works a charm...on Bob ! He has been mosquito-sting free, but he smells like lemon furniture polish !!!

Well, for the good news. Bob and Albert are making mosquito netting window frames. They have been cutting/ planing /drilling and painting window frames. Yesterday we had the first two put in. They work amazingly well. Now I just need to remember not to put my head out of the open window...