Thursday, 1 August 2013

Making A Mosquito & Fly Proof Window !

Keeping those mosquitos outside is not so easy.

As I told you yesterday, we have a mosquito problem. But, who doesn't in Summer ? For all I know, we would miss them, if they were not there anymore ? Oh, of course !!!

Albert offered to help us make those netted window covers. Foolproof against the pesky flying brigade. All week, he and Bob have been cutting long wooden planks, measuring and assembling them. Not a mean feat in these subtropical temperatures.

After a particularly hot morning, they discovered our barn was a perfect woodwork centre. Albert is fantastic in how he at first explains and shows Bob how things are to be done. He does a particular task and then tells Bob to do it. He is patient and lets Bob get on with it. Mistakes or not. " Don't worry Bob, we can do it again " are great words of wisdom.

Before we moved here, Bob was not so good with the D.I.Y stuff. The only way he showed a builders butt, was if he had too much change in his pockets...Well, now Bob is assembling and making windows, shelves and I wonder what he'll make next.

What is great, is that Bob enjoys this new found skill.( What a man...yeah, he's my man ! )

As for the mosquito repellent windows, they work well, until we open the door and other unprotected windows ! In this heat, it is vital to open everything to get the cool air into the house. But, on the whole, it is much much better and the air is not so full of buzzes.

Bob sanding the wood.
Thank Goodness that Bob's wearing trendy undies...check out the sliding pants. Builders & handymen the world over should only favour braces with their trousers...
Admiring his work. Can you see the yellow mosquito repellent bracelet on his wrist ? Looks rather trendy !
One of the finished window covers.
The one on the right has a cover. You notice it from the outside, but can't see it from the inside.