Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Are You Sure That Your Grandparent's TV Is Working?

Or your parents for that matter.

Let's face it, even we have the odd moment of panic with those new TV sets. There have been times that all those buttons on the remote made me break out in a cold sweat. Have you never pressed the " oh no " button?

That awful one that should have a warning cover around it. The one where as you press it, everything changes on the TV. Programs disappear and no matter how many other buttons you press in quick panicky succession, the TV keeps mocking you with some sort of computers version of " la, la, lalala "

Unless your Grandparents / old auntie / parents have an antique set complete with Bunny ears, you can be sure, that they have pressed a wrong button along the way.

So here is my question: Do you know that their TV is really working or is it just a surface to put vases on? Only a few brave ones will ask their relations for help. Imagine a a young pup coming in with that ' know-it-all-technological ' attitude and firing off instructions of what to do or not to do! Or even worse, with that attitude of ' jeez, surely everyone knows this? '...

Do you think that these points might apply to your Grandparents:

  • No one likes to be told that they know nothing...
  • They might be embarrassed to tell you, because they know they pressed the wrong button.
  • They don't want to bother you, or be a burden to you.
  • They more than likely won't call a repair man because they are afraid of the cost.
  • They watch one channel on the TV...the one you last had on when you showed them how to use it!
  • They are worried that you'll find out that they are more forgetful nowadays.

Here is a thought: How would you survive a day / week / month without your TV? Not such a fantastic thought now, is it!

If at all possible, go and check up on your elderly relations or anyone that you could imagine needs a bit of help. Apart from anything else, they will be pleased as punch to have you come around for a visit and hopefully ply you with delicious cake and coffee...

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