Thursday, 15 August 2013

Are You Also An Expert At Taking Things Personally ?

It is not always about us...

The other day I was driving ( without my ever present chauffeur called Bob ) to my Mum. These days, that is about the only stretch of distance that I get to be a driver instead of the wifely co-driver ! Oh, it is very far indeed. A sum total of 3 km !

Anyway, driving with the radio blasting out a song on Radio Burgenland-home of a few Golden Oldies I love- and more than likely doing a Wayne's World impression, an oncoming car passed me, flashed its headlights numerous times.

First, I wracked my brain to see if it was a close friend but at a speed of 70 kph, my facial recognition is not that good. Obviously there was something wrong with me because why else was there furious flashing ? For a teeny second I broke out in a cold sweat, wondering if my tyre was flat or part of the front of the car was maybe dangling vicariously ( oh yes, I know about this stuff from watching my beloved F1 ).

Turning off the radio and slowing right down to a speed of someone twice my age, I could not find anything wrong. Oh well, nothing for it but to carry on. But I can tell you that my nerves were on edge and I was ready for anything....

Once I had driven into the village at the appropriate 50 kph, I forgot all about the flasher. That is until I went around the first corner. Look in a village of a few hundred residents, there are not so many corners.

Lo & behold, there stood a police car and two policemen doing speed and driving under the influence control which definitely is a good thing. Not knowing whether they would wave me over I deemed it reasonable to slow down. But all I got was a friendly smile along with a nod.

Well, the " Flasher " was trying to warn me and as usual, I took things the wrong way. Anyway, in such small villages it is hard for the police to catch anyone, because the Bush Telegraph is rampant here !