Friday, 30 August 2013

Old Farmhouse Means Occasional Daily Work!

At least we have an audience.

Moving into an old farmhouse is not for the faint of heart or lazy lot. We do tend to lean towards the latter but are learning as we go along and getting better at it.

Even though we don't use the pigsty, cowshed or hen house for its original intent, we do have a lot of animals on our property. You already know about Tigger who thinks she is the real owner and that we should rather dance to her tune. Yeah right...we do!

We were cleaning out part of our earth cellar and ferrying buckets of sand to and fro. Well, lo and behold, we had a spectator. Tigger chose to cheekily sit outside her home ( a.k.a. pigsty ) watching us with an air of detached but real interest.

Each time we made eye contact she either turned her head away or shyly looked down. But she sat the whole time watching our progress. She wouldn't have been out of place at one of those tennis tournaments, as only her head turned this way and that in order to see what we silly adults were doing.

Yesterday afternoon I set off at about 4 p.m to quickly drop of ( another ) cake with my parents. As I got to the car, Tigger was already circling attractively around her empty food bowl.
" Gosh girly, not before 5.30 " was my reply.

Well upon hearing my high squeaked explanation, she deliberately went to the middle of the lawn and plonked herself down. When I reversed the car out the garage, she was behind me in my line of sight. Oh yes, she was pulling a guilt trip worthy of a 5 year old. Oh, that cat has oodles of character. ( I drove off ignoring this guilt trip like any parent would, but when I came back a bit later, she was finishing her dinner...she has Bob wrapped around her little paw. )

Just to complete our animal farm, this morning our squirrel decided on a vigorous workout on the roof of our " Summer Kitchen ". In a mad dash minute I was on the doorstep with the camera aimed and ready. Farm life is always entertaining and never boring...


Our squirrel should enter a competition. All this happened in a blink of an eye. Glad I caught some of it.
Just before it was running up & down the roof top of our summer kitchen. It sounds more glamorous than it is. It is a one roomed cottage with no electricity or water but with an original wood burning stove & oven.
Bob in the earth cellar.
Oh, I am so so hungry...