Friday, 9 August 2013

A Nod And A Smile Make All The Difference.

Recognition, don't we all crave it ?

Anonymity, craved by all celebrities the world over. Or so they profess ! Recognition pays their rent after all. Why else would some of them engage in constant social media excursions ?

Here is a thought: If a celebrity or star for example, signs up with Twitter incognito ( such as the proverbial Joe Soap / Jane Suds ) would they still have a gazillion followers ? Unfair advantage to the rest of us mere mortals...

Moving to a new place, town or country brings with it a lot of things. One major one being anonymity. Well only in the beginning, that is.

Imagine, going shopping, having your car serviced or going to the doctor. Normally, somewhere along those excursions, you'll see someone you know and possibly have a chat with. In simple terms, that is what makes an enjoyable life.

In our village, we do get plenty of " Hello's " and often have chit chats. I love that friendliness and embracing acceptance. But going to town for things, still had us in the Anonymity section for at least a year.

The other day when we were in town, we of course stopped at the big shopping center. Admission involves a tricky bit of manoeuvring and a nimble set of feet.

Yes, it has that dreaded, revolving glass door. The one with four partitions. Am I the only one, who panics a bit when trying to time the " open gap " ? I have got to be frank with you, and admit that there have been occasions where I missed the gap and had to wait for the next one. Possibly a little bit on the embarrassing side !

But once you are in it, you get to see your counterpart ( the one exiting ) for a few seconds. Well, lo & behold, this time it was someone who knew me and I got a big smile and a nod of recognition...A great feeling.