Monday, 26 August 2013

A Chill Is In The Air.

A changing of seasons it seems.

Isn't it funny how even now, only a month later, that dreadful last heat wave is almost forgotten. On second thoughts, it is not funny but more of a natural phenomena. This last ( snowed in for days on end ) Winter? Already wiped from my memory...

You get a few foresighted shoppers ( I wouldn't be surprised if they were the ones doing homework during school holidays ) that get enticed enough to buy Winter clothes in Summer. When it's so hot you'd rather rip off most of your clothes, is not the time to even consider trying on thermals etc. Stupid really, because that is when the Winter clothes are on sale!

Opening a window or door first thing in the morning and feeling a rush of cool air hit your body is the most divine feeling. Nature's air conditioning starting off on a low setting. Such a welcome change from being enveloped by a blanket of warm, oppressive and crushing air.

That first cup of coffee tastes even better and doesn't include the pearls of sweat forming above the lips. Look, Summer is not yet over but it is subtly handing over its baton to Autumn. Let's hope it doesn't get mixed up with Winter in between.

This chill has the ability to infuse us with more energy. Doing anything now is considered a breeze! A month ago we all dreamed of spending the day supine on a lilo floating on an imaginary swimming pool. We could have just scraped together enough energy to lift a cold bevy for the occasional sip...sadly most of us had to make do with a darkened lounge or bedroom.

Nature cleverly gives us a few hints of the next one in line in that annual seasons-relay-team. Maybe just in case Autumn drops the obvious reminders for us, it shows us the odd leaf trying on a different coat of colour. A touch of yellow is peeping out and setting the stage for the best feature of Autumn...leaves cloaked in all shades of yellow, orange and brown.


Early morning behind our house.