Monday, 19 August 2013

Simple & Highly Addictive: Homemade Banana Ice Cream.

Last warning: This is so yummy & addictive !

My Parents ( my New York ones ) innocently told me about this recipe. To be fair, I didn't heed their claim that it is so addictive that you can eat it at all times of the day. Only yesterday I heard that they will get up at 11 pm and quickly make a portion...

Thinking that I would just try it once, I tried it last week. There was an ancient brown speckled banana languishing in the bowl and I thought I might as well use it. The only difficult operation of this whole recipe ( will follow at the end ) is waiting for the banana to freeze. No instant gratification there.

When it was finally frozen enough, I followed the parental instruction to a tee. All I can say is
" yummy ". Bob wasn't convinced that I was genuine when enthused while eating it, so he wouldn't try it. Great, there was more for me.

When he found that I was making this ice cream numerous times per day, the penny dropped for him. Oh yes, now he wanted some too. Being a good and slightly clever wife, I've also got him addicted. Might as well make it a family affair. No more hiding my frequent forays into eating my homemade delicacy !

Well, try this at your own leisure and peril:

  • Take a banana and cut it into small pieces. Take these and freeze them in a container.
  • You need a good dash of proper milk ( not the skinny type )
  • Put the frozen banana slices into a bowl, take a mixer / blender and add milk in increments. Once the banana slices are smooth, the ice cream is ready to eat.
  • You need to take care not to use too much milk. Otherwise it will be a banana milkshake !

Bananas are so good for Bob in any case. With his Diabetes he eats them as his in-between snacks and now it's in a delicious creamy form...

Hopefully you will love this banana ice cream as much as we do.
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