Thursday, 29 August 2013

The $10 Luxury Cruise Out Of Reality.

Books, Movies or both?

When you read about the ginormous pay-cheques some actors get, you get an inkling of how much we are all addicted to this form of escape from our everyday humdrum.

Books and movies are a sort of opiate of the masses after all. We all need our fix of it and some of us are greedy and devour both.

There are times when we all feel down and miserable. What better way to forget your sorrows than to step into the first page of a novel. It needn't be a literary masterpiece. But it should be a book that makes you feel as if you are stepping on a luxury cruise liner out of your reality.

Chick-lit does get guffaws and raised eyebrows from some quarters, yet it has the ability to make you feel as if you are stepping into the heroines life. It is often this genre of literature that makes you leave your coat of worries and troubles behind from the first page. Some are more luxurious and make you feel as if a butler took that coat.

What is even more heartwarming ( and that is why I prefer books to movies ) is the fact that the heroine is usually drinking a glass of wine and is often, not endowed with those impossible to achieve, have or keep model looks. She may also have a ladder in her stockings, a pimple on her chin, untidy home & maybe a scuffed shoe. Oh yes, just like us.

Lets not forget the most important plus point of a novel: You will be a part of it for days and not just for 90 minutes. Don't get me wrong, I love movies but in the back of my mind there is usually that clock ticking away those 90 odd minutes. Who hasn't work out the plot by looking at the time frame of a movie?

Bob and I with great foresight shipped all of our books over here. This week I have been on the luxury cruise offered and hosted by Katie Fforde. Come and join this cruise because it is jolly good fun. Fforde Fforde: Collection 1 [3 DVDs] Fforde