Thursday, 22 August 2013

A Life In The Slow Lane.

Don't knock it until you've tried it!

Keep right pass left or keep left pass right...depending on which part of the globe you drive in. Have you ever driven on that side of a highway or do you tend to leave that for the faint of heart and grey-brigade?

But here is the thing: They have known all along that going slow still gets you there. In fact the journey becomes the fun bit and not only the destination. You know, the ' fast-laners ' are so obsessed with getting to the end that ironically they miss out on the wonderful & worthwhile bit in the middle.

What makes your life worthwhile? Oh, of course most of us would like to have oodles of money to buy the latest " This & That ", live in a mansion and vacation in exotic places. Yet, there is one small detail we all forget at times.

Please raise your hand, if you are on or use FaceBook. Apart from keeping up with friends and family, what do we mostly use it for? Oh yes, the pictures of our holidays / our new car / new boyfriend...You see, without people to share it with ( or show off to ) all those luxuries we think are what life is all about, become empty and meaningless.

Here is the start of a list. A list of items that normally happen in the slow lane of life. Please help me finish it...:

  • Meeting a friend for a cup of coffee and having a chat about anything & nothing.
  • Going for a walk and having a chance encounter with a friend.
  • Having the luxury of spending loads of time with your family.


This photo reminds me of the good & slow life...