Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Sport & Salaries: Insanity, Inflation Or Insult ?

Oh dear, another sports scandal ? !.

One can almost feel sorry for Mr. Armstrong. He's got decimated in every part of his life, yet other sports ' Stars ' just get a suspension. Never mind the new revelation about supposed German doping. An article in The Guardian.

Listening to the latest saga about A-Rod, makes me shake my head. The amount of money these athletes get is shockingly insane. Think about it, almost 300 million Dollars for 10 years of catching a ball ?

When I was a teenager, the topic of the day was how some Supermodels would not wake up for less than 10 000 Dollars a day. Well, peanuts compared to the sports stars ! So which is it, inflation or insanity ?

The insult part of this is, that there are so many millions of people all over the world just barely making ends meet. When you earn so much money, money the public pays you ( if we wouldn't watch you, you wouldn't get paid ), keep out of mischief. Sporting heroes are what young kids look up to and want to be like !

There should be a contract, that states that if you accept those outrageous salaries, you need to:

  • Have a healthy home life. No infidelities !
  • No cheating your way to greatness. For that amount of dosh, you had better run miles, do 1000's of sit-ups, eat healthy etc.
  • Stop showing off. Keep your new found wealth to yourself. No need to constantly remind us how you flit through your money...
  • Please use a tissue when you blow your nose !