Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Funny Side Effect Of Weight-Loss !

My Darling Husband, what a Capitol Fella...

As you know, Bob has been shedding the pounds. All in a healthy way and new lifestyle of course. He has been zooting through various pant sizes in a downward direction. ( No, he is not dieting for the sake of vanity, but for his newly discovered diabetes. )

Bob has been conscious of his weight since teenage hood and has always dreamed of such a weight loss. Yet for some odd reason or another ( pies, cakes, chips & beer ) it had stubbornly eluded him ! Now, all his clothes drop of him and I can only say " Thank Goodness " for his trendy suspenders.

Even if I say so myself, my Husband is even more gorgeous now. In the parlance of ladies, one could almost call him " eye candy "...He has been and is being noticed. Yes, people are noticing his weight loss and lately it has mainly been the women !

By the way, I am so proud of Bob and what he has achieved. This whole diabetes discovery has unlocked an always present but hidden inner strength.

Well, the other day we were in town and I was chatting to someone. When I had finished and we were leaving, Bob was almost in a state of panic. " I don't know what to do, because I think that this lady undressed me with her eyes. It scared me."

It took all my might not to burst out laughing because Bob was truly spooked. When I told him that it is a compliment to him, he at first just shook his head and carried on fretting in panic. But I know my Bob. As he has got used to the idea of being noticed, he started to secretly enjoy it.

Well Bob, now you know what a lot of women go through all the time. Remember the other day, while we were driving passed those tourists in their shorts and short t-shirts ? You know, the ones you still looked at through the rear view mirror ? ( Um, men, we always notice when you do that...)


He found his old pair of shorts in the cupboard and wanted to show me how loose they were.