Monday, 5 August 2013

You Can't Beat A Good Kitchen.

Is your kitchen user friendly ?

Everyone has bouts of creativity in their kitchen. " Everyone " being the one who normally cooks. How do you while away those days where you don't feel like producing anything in that little neck of your woods, a.k.a.The Kitchen ?

Imagine, if your kitchen was an oasis for you. You know, a place you actually love to hang out in ? Possibly a Flat Screen TV mounted in a corner, a corner that you can see while you are chopping and stirring. Definitely an open space with great views of the outside and the lounge.

There should be enough room to have a sofa. A sofa you can recline on, pondering what you'll cook, while watching the TV. A little side table place effectively, so that you can easily rest your glass of wine on it.

A kitchen shouldn't be a dungeon where we have to disappear to, when we come home. One can still get those homes, where the kitchen is at the end of a corridor, as far away from the lounge as possible.

Could this layout be designed on purpose ? Now that I think about it, if there is a distance between the two, certain things will never be heard.

  • " Honey, could you come and help me a bit ? "
  • " Come and take out the trash. "
  • The sound of vigorous chopping and blending will not be trumping the TV.

Here's an idea: How about if those who design & plan kitchens have to spend a month cooking all the daily meals for a family of four, as part of their curriculum...

What would be in your ideal kitchen, or have you got it already ?

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